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sön 10 mars




Join this Holistic retreat on beautiful Mallorca and enjoy great food, tranquility, yoga, reflection, and meditation in a magical setting at Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat Center .


Tid och plats

10 mars 2024 16:00 – 14 mars 2024 11:00


Om evenemanget


Food for thought

10-14 March 2024

with Ulrica Norberg and Henning Bensland


At a glance, a holistic approach to life and wellness means to provide support that looks at the whole person and try to merge all aspects of living together as a n entity. Holistic medicine looks at the whole person for answers, not just at physical symptoms. So, when approaching one’s health from a more holistic perspective, you look and evaluate something from a complete of total point of view, where all aspects of wellbeing is considered as a factors that influence or sense of self, level of awareness and health status.

It is easy as a human to only look at ourselves and the world and venture an opinion from what we can divulge in. That is highly subjective and from there its quite hard to increase a level of consciousness.  If we start to practice examining a more complete picture, we gain the advantage of more often than not, reaching some realization and insight that there is far more value to the whole, which also gives more freedom, ease and power from within.

We are entire eco-systems where our brain, senses, emotions, muscles, organs, nerve system and all our surroundings need to work together as a network in order for us to function.

Master yoga teacher Ulrica Norberg and Henning Bensland (holistic therapist and one of the founders of Cal Reiet)  have both experienced deep healing and have been adopting a more holistic, multidimensional approach and embracing the power of nurturing mental well-being through body, mind and spirit practices. They are here to share their rich knowledge and deep insight with you in what will be a truly inspirational 5 couple of days. Expect to use your body, breath, emotions, thoughts, sleep and nourishing foods as tools to start building yourself towards higher health and well-being.

Some topics that will be covered:

-  The Power of Breath

-  The build of Neuropathy (mind and body connection practice)

-  Stress management through restorative practice

-  Body conscious movement

-  Mindfulness philosophy and psychology

-  The healing philosophy of food, digestion and eating

-  Meditation practice

-  Embracing interconnectedness through reflection and practice

-  Solitude and communion


March 10 

Arrival day. Check in.

4.30-6 pm Post travelling yoga practice  

7 pm Dinner

March 11-13 

07.30-9 Morning yoga practice Brunch

2-4 pm Afternoon program

4.30-6 pm Restoring yoga & meditation practice

7.30 pm Dinner

March 14 

07.30-9 Morning yoga practice Brunch  

Check out and departure

BIO Teachers:

Ulrica Norberg

Ulrica is an inquirer and has throughout her life journey collected experience from various fields, cultures, countries and types of work. With a mind intrigued how things function and affect energy, she has spent many years studying science, human arts, biomedicine, health science, physiology, anatomy, philosophy, psychology, and bioenergy work. She is a life coach, meditation teacher, breath trainer, an initiated yoga master (only 9 westerners were initiated before her) with over 30 + years’ experience.

This Sweden native, holds a master’s degree from Stockholm University in Journalism and film and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and literature, is a trained journalist and dramatist and shares her teaching with work as a creative consultant, moderator, lecturer and teaching creativity and innovation workshops. She has written over a dozen books on health, travel, nature, and creativity and is a well sought-after teacher in leadership programs focusing on mind health, transformation, and business innovation. Her passion is nature and health, and you find her in her natural habitat, hiking around the world. By herself or leading group expeditions.

Ulrica has a sincere fascination for nature, culture and diversity which had her living abroad for many years before settling back in Stockholm, that is now her base and from where she travels to hold workshops, trainings, lectures, and retreats globally.  When you come on a retreat with Ulrica she makes you feel seen and right at home with her deep knowledge, ability to adapt practices for individual needs, her gentle ways and sense of humor.

Henning Bensland

Henning was an active serial entrepreneur until being diagnosed with MS 17 years ago from where he started his long and challenging healing journey. Additional he also experienced two earlier depressions that helped him to deeply understand the importance to heal his psyche and to strengthen resilience.

He has been educated in body psychotherapy and recently in psychotherapy based on a Buddhist perspective. He has also a master in Engineering.

He uses methods that have proven effective in his embodied healing journey connecting body, mind and spirit. His teachings are practical, and done with an open heart and sensitivity.

Henning is Swedish, has 3 children and is living in Zürich together with his wife Petra. He co-founded Cal Reiet 2015 with the aim of creating a true holistic healing retreat.

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