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Möt vår nya gästlärare

Vi är väldigt glada över vårt team av lärare. Alla med en unik kompetens och erfarenhet.

Vi har även gästlärare som kommer in och delar med sig av sin specialkompetens. Mike Bloch-Levermore är vårt senaste tillskott och honom kommer ni att möta på 500 hr utbildningen på yoga filosofi modulen samt på olika workshops som MIND tillsammans med Ulrica. Mike är en fantastisk förelärare med interaktiv filosofi som sin paradgren.

Mike believes yoga philosophy classes should be entertaining, applicable and understandable, and thrives on empowering students with a greater depth of understanding behind their practices and offerings. As well as hosting nerdy talks, Mike provides philosophy lectures on yoga teacher trainings with a light-hearted and approachable style, always attempting to make the complexities of yoga traditions more easy to grasp. Blending mild irreverence with moments of deep profundity, Mike always attempts to create a warm and inviting learning environment, intended for practitioners of all levels to learn and ask questions.

Originally from the UK where he gained a degree in Western Philosophy, he recently has studied Hinduism, Yoga and Sanskrit with Oxford University, and with Seth Powell of Harvard University. Mike called Copenhagen his home for 8 years and also speaks Danish comfortably. Currently he lives in the hills of Portugal with his wife, Helene, and two huge fluffy cats.

Här nedan kan du lära känna honom lite närmare:

What brought you to Philosophy studies?

I started my degree in Philosophy aged 18. I was on the search for something bigger than my small country town in England and answers to the big questions in life. What I got instead was three years of rather dusty academia and after graduation decided to become an outdoor leader, inspired by a month in India when I was 17. It was when I discovered yoga that I realised I might finally combine my enthusiasm for education, practical philosophy, movement and travel.

What is yoga for you?

I was living in Denmark and lecturing at a business school when I got into yoga, and when I took my 200h in Bali, my love for philosophy was reignited. But I was so very confused about yoga philosophy, instead of nodding sagely along with everyone, I wanted it to make more sense. I came to realise that as a philosophy graduate and educator, perhaps I could help others by making philosophy more easily understood and (unlike my degree) more entertaining. Yoga for me isn’t so much about movement, but a vast source of knowledge and inspiration from people who have really lived out their philosophies.

Favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I enjoy walking a lot; as an expedition leader I guided treks in Peru, Bolivia, Tibet, Nicaragua and Tanzania. My wife and I have summited Mt Toubkal and made it to Everest Base Camp. Nowadays we’re into far more relaxing walks where we live in central Portugal. Almost every morning we get out and wander calmly around the hills for an hour or two seeing how nature has slowly changed.

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