29 oktober, 2021

with Mike Bloch Levermore & Ulrica Norberg
DATE: 29-30 oktober

LOCATION: Yoga Shakti in Stockholm + ONLINE LIVE


As humans we are mostly on autopilot. We go through ”the motions” without really paying attention to the decisions we’re making nor are we aware of the implications.

This is often where we go in the wrong direction and our view becomes narrow – we miss the bigger picture, the integration and the opportunities of tying all aspects together. In creating mental clarity, strength and free up space in our inner landscape, we can lead a more pro-active, creative and healthy life.

We can focus both internally and externally. The senses are like doors that we can turn inside as much as outside. The mind is like an arena where we need not only navigation in between the different stations but also tunin, train and balance each component like a muscle. The mind involves a series of faculties like consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, language, memory and visualization as well as emotion and instinct. It involves our senses world as well as more cognitive parts.

When you combine different types of focus (internal and external) with how, or ways we focus (helpful and harmful) you get four distinct states of mind: autopilot, critical, thinking, and engaged. We want to be in the helpful states. And we want to flip between thinking and engaged in order to move towards mental balance.
When there we can continue to work our mind as a muscle to heighten our awareness. This gives strength, clarity and the ability to manifest and be creative and innovative. Its called the Neutral Mind or interbeingness. To discern when to go and when to stay as well as be fully present in all endeavors.

In this immersion, we will delve into the Four states of the mind according to yogic thought and practices in how we can sustain stability and expansion in mind.

Asana, pranayama, affirmation, reflection practice, inspirational lecture and meditation.

Ulrica Norberg (Yogamaster, journalist and hold a Masters degree in human sciences) and Mike Bloch – Levermore (Yogateacher and hold a Masters degree in Philosophy) 


TIME: 9-16 daily 

PRICE: 2700 sek