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COMPREHENDING ONENESS Welcome to this 12 hour workshop on exploring classical tantric meditation and the philosophy of oneness.

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09 apr. 2022 09:00 – 10 apr. 2022 16:30

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sverige

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Welcome to this 12 hour workshop on exploring classical tantric meditation and the philosophy of oneness. Philosophy master Mike Bloch-Levermore will immerse you to get to grips with Classical Tantrik Philosophy, a cosmology of empowerment, embodiment and oneness (and historically not much about sex!)

You will learn powerful meditation techniques, playfully presented theory, key texts and how a worldview of oneness may fit your yoga practice better than the Yoga Sutras.

DATE: 9-10 April 2022 

TIMES: 9-16.15 each day 

PLACE: Livestream + @yogashakti, Stockholm

 PRICE: 3500 sek - (For YFL Students 2900 sek)   

You will receive a 40 page manual filled with lots of resources and facts around this topic.

PREREQUSITES/FÖRKUNSKAPER: Avid yoga practitioner/yoga teacher. Although we recommend that you grasp Essential Yoga Philosophy, it’s not a requisite to join this advanced course! For those unfamiliar with the history of yoga and the different schools of philosophy from the Essential course, (such as Advaita Vedānta, Tantra and Sāṅkhya), we’ll cover a short recap of the important knowledge needed for this course.

YACEP. This course is eligible towards 12 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits with Yoga Alliance


How exactly are we all one? That is a common phrase in yoga, but one that needs work and some interactive philosophy to fully comprehend. In yogic thought, there’s actually differing understandings of what oneness means.

Do we mean that deep down we’re all united? Or perhaps everything we experience is simply one vibration?

  • TANTRIK MEDITATION TECHNIQUES How can we experience Oneness?  Learn how to entrain various Classical Tantrik elements into your mediation classes.We’ll practice Tantrik meditation with examples from the Vijñānabhairava Tantra.
  • VIBRATIONS OF ŚAKTI We talk physics, synthesisers and music videos as we get to grips with the concept of Śakti or the vibration that manifests our existence. How does manifestation work, and how much control do we have over it?
  • THE TATTVA SYSTEM Sāṅkhya philosophers divided existence into 25 categories, then Tantrikas added 11 more and entirely flipped the script on what it means to be living. We work through this complex system with a fun interactive game to see how you fit into all these categories. Most students say this is the first time they’ve actually understood this advanced piece of philosophy
  • ASPECTS OF THE MIND Get to know the three characters inside your head – manas, ahaṃkāra and buddhi. See how they process information from the world, and cause us an awful lot of problems.
  • CHAKRAS REDEFINED There’s more than 7 chakras! Learn how classically you would install a chakra system of 5,9,12,21 or more. Includes an interactive exploration of emotional and spiritual energy points in the body as a way to map our chakral points.
  • ESCAPING SAMSĀRA How do we get out of suffering if everything is one? The Yoga Sutras suggest transcending it completely, The Bhagavad Gītā suggests devoting all our actions to Krishna, but how about fully redefining our worldly problems? We look at the Tantrik approach to suffering – a significant shift in how we view the world.
  • THE NATURE OF ILLUSION Take part in an interactive reenactment of a dancing Shiva statue and an explanation of its message: the Five Acts of Śiva. Then spend every visit to a yoga studio telling your friends what those 4-armed statues are about!
  • YOUR CONDITIONED MIND Get to know about your hidden saṃskāras, the conditioned ways your mind responds, by competing for candy using your powers of intuition…


Teaching philosophy in an entertaining and applicable way is what he loves to do. Mike offers philosophy courses independently and also as a part of 100-500hr teacher trainings hosted by other facilitators.​ Aside from lecturing, Mike has also written two comprehensive manuals on Non-Dual Shaivism and Essential Yoga Philosophy and History.


  • Advanced yoga philosophy

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